NY's 12U-18U
Basketball Program
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Proper communication with a college coach is critical in taking the next step to committing to a college program. Coaches want to ensure not only that you have the skill set and grades to attend and excel at their university or college, they also want to make sure you can communicate effectively.  Initial contact with a college program that interests you is one way to be proactive in the process, which college coaches tend to enjoy.  You only get one chance to make an initial impression, so make it count.

Below, you will find useful information how to compose an informative and credible letter or email to the college of your choosing:

Introductory Paragraph:

  • Your name
  • Your level of interest in their school and program
  • Your declaration that you would like to be considered as a candidate in their recruiting process
  • Your interest in starting an initial dialogue

First Body Paragraph:

  • Name of school, level, league and coach you play for in the winter season
  • Attaching a fall and winter schedule, if possible, is advantageous
  • Outside training you have received
  • Other sports you currently play and any athletic awards you have received
  • Your primary basketball position
  • Your strength in basketball

Conclusion Paragraph:

  • Any standardized test scores or GPA information you would like to share
  • Scholastic honors
  • Any interests you have in the specific school you are contacting
  • Preparation you plan to undertake to get ready for college basketball and academic course work